What are some tips for keeping your new year's resolution?

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Have you made your New Year's resolution yet? A new year is an opportunity for a fresh start, and a popular way to herald in the new year is by creating a New Year's resolution. Whether it is to lose weight, learn to crochet, work out, volunteer,

eat healthy, or any number of ideas, the true challenge seems to be keeping your New Year's resolution.

Despite best intentions, many resolutions fall to the wayside within a few weeks or months. Regardless of what you choose to change in the new year, here are five tips for helping you keep your New Year's resolution.

First, be specific. The more broad your resolution idea, the harder it will be to sustain change. As an example, a New Year's resolution to work out sounds good, but give yourself some boundaries. Decide in advance that you want to work out three times a week, or give yourself a goal such as running a 5k. You may start out strong with such a broad resolution, but without a specific idea in mind your desire to stick to the resolution can fade.

Second, don't overwhelm yourself with too many resolutions. One or two resolutions are a good start but if you try to accomplish change for too many things at once it could be a recipe for ruin. Keep it simple, and if you decide your first resolutions are going

well and you want to add on another resolution challenge, go for it!

Third, find help on the web. Want to learn how to crochet? There are several websites with videos on stitches and projects available on line, as well as online forums where you can ask questions and get advice. Do you plan on losing weight in the new year? There are websites that can help you track your food intake and exercise. Some sites also allow you to join groups and challenges. Find the one that works best for you and get started.

Is eating healthy your resolution? There are many websites and blogs about healthy eating, with ideas and recipes to try. If your resolution is to volunteer, a simple web search can provide several sites to give you ideas of when and where you can volunteer. Whatever your resolution, a quick web search can turn up sites and tools to help you reach your goal.

Fourth, don't quit after a setback. There are going to be days, weeks, even months when you feel far removed from your resolution. Don't give up! If your New Year's resolution was to work out five times a week and you only did it once that week, don't use it

as an excuse to throw in the towel entirely. Take time to reflect on why you were unable to meet your goal and think of ways you can get back in the groove.

Fifth, recognize your accomplishments. Whatever your long term resolution goal, there will be small accomplishments along the way. Whether you want to mark your calendar, buy yourself a gift, or write in your journal be sure to acknowledge your success.

Celebrating small milestones will help you continue on your path to success.

These five tips are just a few to help you succeed in keeping your New Year's resolution. Enjoy your journey of change and as the year progresses hopefully you will find more ways to keep encouraged and working toward your goals. Best wishes and Happy New Year!

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