Do Your New Year's Resolutions Seem Out of Reach? There's an App for That!

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Set yourself up for success in 2016 by downloading some free and clever apps that will help you keep track of your New Year's resolutions and achieve your goals. Some of the most common New Year's resolutions revolve around improving health, organization, finances and every day happiness. Pull out your smart phone and start downloading these apps to get a jumpstart on a new and improved you in the New Year.

Health and Fitness


The Human app is an activity and calorie tracker that helps you reach daily activity goals and inspires you to be more active with healthy reminders throughout the day. For example, if you haven’t moved in 30 minutes, the app prompts you to get up and stretch your legs. Bonus: you can connect with friends and family on the app and encourage them to achieve their goals and compare daily stats.

7 Minute Workout

Finding time to hit the gym is a major obstacle for many busy people, but if you can carve seven minutes out of your day for fitness, the 7 Minute Workout app may be just what you need. Bonus: the app offers videos of each exercise to help you with proper form.

Happiness and Mood


This app uses the science of gaming to help you improve your mood, cope with any tough situation and help you be more resilient in the face of everyday stressors. Bonus: the app is customizable and allows you to focus on specific struggles you are facing.

Track Your Happiness

Want to be happier? This app helps you track your happiness throughout the day and helps identify what makes you happy. After enough data is collected, the app will send you automated reports that helps to explain when you are happiest and the causes of your happiness. Bonus: If you use this app, you are contributing to science. Track Your Happiness is part of a scientific research project by a Harvard professor.

Personal Finances


Link your personal finance accounts to the Mint app and you can track your budget, get a better sense of where you are spending and set up and create financial goals. You can watch transactions in real time and always know where you stand. Bonus: the app offers custom tips and savings to help you get the best deals on retirement, checking and savings accounts and more.


Not everyone has time to go over their credit card bills line-by-line to look for red flags, that is where BillGaurd comes into play. The app uses crowdsources to flag merchants known for charging consumers for products or services that they don’t want or need and alert you when such a charge may have occurred. Bonus: With your approval, BillGaurd will contact the merchant on your behalf about the charge.



Managing a modern-day household can get messy, but this app helps you keep track of everyone’s activities and appointments, needs and wants as well as your grocery list, all in one place. Bonus: designed for families, the app allows everyone in your household to login with their own email addresses and a shared family password. Everyone sees the same information.


List-makers rejoice! This app is a turbo-charged version of a basic to-do list that promises to increase your productivity and keep your home and work projects on task. Bonus: You can use voice entry to create new tasks without typing.

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