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Looking at Tradition…

When it comes to celebrating the New Year, most people do so in a very conventional manner. You may already have plans to gather a group of close friends or loved ones and throw a raging party. Everyone will dress in their Sunday best and every spare inch of your home will be decorated with sparkling streamers and glittering proclamations of "Happy New Year." You might even splurge for a giant mirrored disco ball to drop at the end of the countdown. Your celebrants will toast bubbly drinks and delicious foods, every face plastered with overjoyed smiles as hands are shaken and hugs are exchanged, well wishes falling from every mouth.

Once that countdown hits zero, the room will erupt in cheers as your partygoers scream "HAPPY NEW YEAR," noisemakers and fireworks echoing in everyone's ears. Lovers will lean in and kiss, friends will embrace, and enemies will forego fighting for a stiff handshake and a curt head nod in honor of the chance to begin anew.

Along with the actual festivities preceding midnight, and for most of the morning after, participants will strive to forget their worries and troubles and make plans for the new year to come. They invite themselves to start fresh and leave behind the mistakes they made in the past year. Their resolutions will be to better themselves in one way or another, like joining a gym and finally losing that freshman 15 they've been struggling with since graduation. Others may want to make amends and reconnect with old friends or try to break old habits and make new friends.

A Fresh Take on Celebration…

Outside of these traditional—some may say cliché—designs for celebrating the New Year, there are alternative ways to bring about change while recognizing new opportunities. Many people neglect to appreciate the past simply because they hold so closely to the belief, “out of sight, out of mind.” But you can refresh your outlook on yourself and improve your future possibilities while reminiscing and moving on in a healthy and productive manner.

Rather than trying to focus on the past wrongs and how you just want move past them, take a moment to write down the lessons you learned from them. The only true mistake is allowing something bad to happen and taking nothing but the bad away from the situation. Write these lessons out and post them on a wall to remind yourself of who you were and who you’re becoming.

Instead of thinking about what you’re going to do differently in the future, look back and acknowledge everything you did right. The previous year may have had its downs, but the ups are worthy of recognition as well! Don’t sell yourself short and count the past 12 months as a loss just because you had some tough times. Despite the perception you got from your seemingly constant vigilance, growth happened. You learned and developed and prospered. You made it through another year and you came out ahead. You still have your life and that means you have another chance to do even better in the coming year.

So start this one off in the best way you can. Take out an empty milk jug or a giant peanut butter jar and write on it: Happy New Year Moments. And from 12:01 AM on January 1st to 11:59 PM on December 31st, write down everything that made you smile. Scribble down each little inside joke and every grand achievement. If it gave you a reason to be happy to be there in that moment, then it’s worth remembering at the end of the year.

This jar is your chance to overshadow the bad with the inevitability of good. Light sustains, and when you surround yourself with the brightest lights and the potential to make yourself glow with every smile, nothing will be able to hold you back from growing into a better you this year and every year after.

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